Firemart offers a wide range of first aid kits that are suitable for uses including the home, office and work environments as well as vehicles. Our first aid kits come in a variety of sizes and offer the highest quality first aid equipment. We also offer kits for vehicles, catering kits as well as eye wash stations and refills.

  • Smoke Alarms

    Hose Reel Mount

    Smoke alarms are the first line of defence in providing an early warning signal and will alert you to safely evacuate the premises in case of fire.

    From £5.94
  • Fire Alarms

    Fire Alarms

    We offer a great range of fire alarm products to increase fire safety, aides evacuation and the management of fire safety on any type of site. 

    From £21.00
  • Dorgard


    For safe and legal use to keep fire doors open. Activates on the sound of the alarm closing the door and preventing the spread of fire.

    From £150.00
  • Bolts and Boxes

    Bolts and Boxes

    Break glass key box protects emergency keys until required. The emergency escape panic bolt is a cost effective solution for providing security for emergency exit doors.

    From £28.74
For evacuation, we have the push button or break glass howler alarms that have a blue flashing strobe light. We supply the durable and hard wearing rotary bell. This is ideal for use in both internal and external environments and is a cost effective tool in evacuation premises.

We also supply a range of fire buckets including metal and plastic which are ideal for storing sand. Emergency key storage boxes and hammer and chains.