Disabled Toilet Alarms

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Disabled toilet alarms are designed for use in disabled toilets where the occupant may need to alert on-site staff that assistance is required. Typical applications include all workplaces and public places, hotels, care homes and restaurants. The disabled toilet alarms comply with BS8300. Please note that all disabled toilet alarms are mains powered and should only be installed by a suitably qualified and trained person.

The Firemart range of disabled toilet alarms include alarms with 1-4 zone options meaning that the kits can be used in places where there may be more than one disabled toilet. Each kit contains a main control panel that offers capacity up to four zones as well as indicator(s), reset button(s) and pull cord(s) for the required number of zones.

The disabled toilet alarms contain the following equipment: • Control panel: o This is powered by main supply and indicates where a toilet alarm has been triggered. This is usually located outside of the toilet area so that onsite staff are informed if the alarm has been raised. • Pull cords: o The pull cords are located in the toilets and are ceiling mounted. When assistance is required the person can pull the cord to generate the alarm to attract attention. • Remote indicator: o This is the device that will alert staff if an alarm has been triggered by a user. • Remote reset: o The remote reset can be wall mounted and the push button can be pressed to cancel an alarm once activated