Extinguisher Accessories

Our range of accessories includes the FireCaddy, ID signs, brackets, pre delivery inspection labels, backboards, covers, stands, boxes and trollies. In line with British Standards, fire extinguishers should either be wall mounted or placed on stands. Wall mounting or stands help to ensure that the extinguishers remain in the correct location and that they are quickly and easily accessible in the event of a fire safety emergency.

  • Fire Extinguisher Points

    Fire Extinguisher Points

    Fire extinguisher points are ideal for areas where wall space is at a premium. Available in either red or grey and single or double versions. 

    From £14.45
  • Fire Extinguisher Stands

    Fire Extinguisher Stands

    Fire extinguisher stands are perfect for use in areas where the wall mounting of fire extinguisher may cause damage. 

    From £17.95
  • Fire Extinguishers Boxes

    Fire Extinguisher Boxes

    Boxes provide protection against harsh environments, unwanted tampering and are perfect for outdoor use. Transport versions available.

    From £29.99
  • Firemart Firecaddy

    Firemart Firecaddy

    Firecaddy® is the fire equipment storage solution from Firemart. Provides quick as easy access to fire safety equipment.

    From £39.99
  • Fire Extinguisher Trolleys

    Fire Extinguisher Trolleys

    Can be moved around quickly and can hold up to two fire extinguishers, alarm and fire bucket. Ideal for building sites and forecourts. 

    From £49.95
  • Fire Extinguisher Brackets

    Fire Extinguisher Brackets

    Includes wall mounting brackets for carbon dioxide fire extinguishers and universal brackets. We also stock transportation brackets.

    From £2.49
  • Fire Extinguisher Alarms

    Fire Extinguisher Alarms

    Protect your fire extinguisher from potential tampering. Also acts as an alert if the extinguisher is to be used in an emergency.

    From £19.99
  • Fire Extinguisher Covers

    Fire Extinguisher Covers

    Covers are great for preventing tampering and accidental damage. Provides extra protection from harsh environments.

    From £4.75
  • Fire Extinguisher Boards

    Fire Extinguisher Boards

    We stock single and double boards, which are suitable for any type and model of fire extinguisher, they can be drilled and fixed to walls. 

    From £6.00
  • Fire Buckets

    Fire Buckets

    Fire buckets have multi purpose uses and are ideal for use in petrol station forecourts, available in plastic or metal and are sold complete with lid.

    From £9.99
  • Contractors Equipment

    Contractors Equipment

    Firemart offers a wide range of fire safety equipment including double and single headed standpipes, hydrant key and bar and spare parts.

    From £6.99
  • Log Book Holders

    Log Book Holders

    Firemart offers red metal and plastic document cases that can store important documents such as the fire safety log book.

    From £22.50

Fire Extinguisher Accessories Information

Extinguisher stands require no fitting or installation and are perfect for use in areas where the wall mounting of extinguisher may cause damage.

Firemart has a great range of protection covers for extinguishers, hose reels and trolley units. The fire safety protection covers are great at preventing fire fighting equipment from accidental damage and knocks and are ideal for use in any environment where fire safety equipment could be knocked or bumped causing damage.

FireCaddy is the fire equipment storage solution from Firemart. FireCaddy is designed to hold any 2 litre or 2 kg extinguisher (foam, powder or wet chemical) as well as other life saving safety equipment including a 1metre x 1metre fire blanket or smoke alarm or carbon monoxide alarm.

Protection covers are also useful in preventing tampering and interference with fire safety equipment. Our extinguisher wall mounting backboards are suitable for use with any type and model and allow them to be quickly and easily secured to most types of wall surface. The wall mounting backboards can be drilled and fixed to walls and the extinguishers can then be attached to the boards using brackets. Wall mounting boards accommodate one number of any make and model. They are available in a four colours: white, beech, black and silver making them suitable for any office or commercial environments.