Fire Extinguishers

We offer a wide range of the highest quality carbon dioxide, foam, powder, water and wet chemical fire extinguishers in both budget and premium Kitemarked ranges. All of our extinguishers are supplied new and filled and complete with either a transport bracket or wall mounting bracket for quick and easy installation. The type of bracket supplied depends upon the size of the extinguisher and you find the type of bracket supplied listed in the product detail.

  • CO2 Fire Extinguishers

    CO2 Fire Extinguishers

    CO2 fire extinguishers are used mainly for Liquid Class B fires such as petrol, oils, paints and fats. Safe for use on live electrical equipment.

    From £20.99
  • Water Fire Extinguishers

    Water Fire Extinguishers

    Water Fire Extinguishers offer protection against Class A fires that typically involve common combustible materials such as wood and paper.

    From £20.15
  • Powder Fire Extinguishers

    Powder Fire Extinguishers

    Powder Fire Extinguishers offer protection against Class A, B and C Fires and are a general multi-purpose extinguisher.

    From £9.99
  • Foam Fire Extinguishers

    Foam Fire Extinguishers

    Foam Fire Extinguishers offer protection against Class A and B Fires that typically involve liquids or materials that liquefy.

    From £14.95
  • Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

    Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

    Wet Chemical (F-Class) Fire Extinguishers offer protection against fires that involve cooking oil or fats. Ideal for use in professional kitchens.

    From £49.95
  • Eco Fire Extinguishers

    Eco Fire Extinguishers

    The new enviromentally friendly range of Eco Fire Extinguishers includes water and foam. They have little or no negative environmental impacts!

    From £22.49
  • Chrome Fire Extinguishers

    Chrome Fire Extinguishers

    Our stylish range of Polished Chrome Fire Extinguishers are available in CO2, Water, Powder and Foam. Perfect for prestigious offices!

    From £47.99
  • Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

    Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

    Wheeled Fire Extinguishers are robust and for use in larger industrial sites. Our range includes CO2, Foam and Dry Powder units.

    From £325.00
  • Automatic Fire Extinguishers

    Automatic Fire Extinguishers

    Automatic Fire Extinguishers are ideal unattended areas. Available in ABC Dry Powder and HFC 227 clean agent gas. Fights A, B and C fires.

    From £35.99
  • Specialist Fire Extinguishers

    Specialist Fire Extinguishers

    Specialist Fire Extinguishers are used mainly for metal fires. 

    From £89.99
  • Multibuy Fire Extinguishers

    Multibuy Fire Extinguishers

    Like a bargain? Enjoy great savings with our multi-buy packs! Available in 1kg and 2kg ABC dry powder and 2ltr foam packs.

    From £64.14
  • Fire Extinguisher Accessories

    Fire Extinguisher Accessories

    Accessories include the FireCaddy, ID signs, brackets, pre delivery inspection labels, backboards, covers, stands, boxes and trollies.  

    From £2.49
Our budget models offer the CE Mark approval and come with a one year warranty. Premium Kitemarked extinguishers offer the BS EN 3 Kitemark approval, CE Mark approval and are supplied complete with a five year warranty. A 1985 EU directive means that all fire extinguishers in the UK are red. Each contains a small colour band that indicates it's type - Blue for Powder, Cream for Foam, Red for Water, Black for CO2 and Yellow for Wet Chemical.

Water Fire Extinguishers Water fire extinguishers normally contain plain water or water with an additive. Water fire extinguishers will extinguish a fire as the water will cool the fire. Water fire extinguishers will extinguisher Class A fires which are fire involving solids such as wood, paper, textiles etc.

Powder Fire Extinguishers Powder fire extinguishers contain dry powder that works through a chemical reaction to extinguishers fires. Powder fire extinguishers will extinguish A, B and C class fires which include wood, paper and textiles (class A), flammable liquids (class B) and flammable gases such as propane, methane and butane (class C). Powder fire extinguishers are very effective but they do cause a mess when they are used with the powder residue and they are not therefore always recommended for indoor use. Powder fire extinguishers are also safe for use on electrical fires

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers Carbon Dioxide or CO2 fire extinguishers contain carbon dioxide gas that is held in the fire extinguisher under pressure and is released when you use the fire extinguisher. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers will extinguish class B fire risks (flammable liquids including paraffin, petrol and oil) and they can also be used to fight fire that include electrical equipment such as computers etc.

Foam fire extinguishers Foam fire extinguishers work by cooling and suffocating a fire and contain aqueous film forming film (AFFF). You will sometimes see foam fire extinguishers also referred to as AFFF fire extinguishers. Foam fire extinguishers can be used to fight Class A and Class B fires and they are a popular choice for use in offices, workplaces and warehouses and factories etc. They are NOT suitable for use on electrical fires.

Wet Chemical F-Class Fire Extinguishers Wet chemical fire extinguishers are used to fight Class F fires which are fire involving cooking oils and fats. The fire extinguisher will work by forming a layer on top of the fire and therefore removing oxygen from the fire and extinguishing the fire. Wet chemical fire extinguishers are also sometimes referred to as 'F Class' or 'Class F' fire extinguishers. Most wet chemical fire extinguishers will also offer a Class A rating and some will also offering a Class B rating but their main use is to combat Class F fires risks. They are the ONLY fire extinguisher that will successfully extinguish Class F fires.

Monnex Powder and Specialist Metal Powder Fire Extinguishers: The Firemart range of specialist fire extinguishers includes fire extinguishers for sighting metal fires (M28), high performance Monnex powder fire extinguishers for Class B and Class C fires and L2 Lithium Powder fire extinguishers that fight metal fires including those that specifically involve Lithium fire risks.